Management Systems Policy

Stronger, Safer with Management Systems Policy
Şehir Hatları’s Management Systems Policy ensures a long-term and healthy communication environment with its stakeholders. Management Systems Policy also establishes a regulatory and effective system in the context of environment, society, and law.

Principles of Management Systems Policy
Within the Management Systems Policy framework, Şehir Hatları aims to develop products and services in accordance with the expectations of its customers; measure satisfaction; to evaluate and resolve customer complaints with transparency, objectivity, and privacy. With its Management Systems Policy, Şehir Hatları also aims to improve its employees’ core competencies and protect them against occupational health and safety risks by raising awareness.

Şehir Hatları provides value to its stakeholders by protecting the environment, contributing to the quality of life of Istanbulites by ensuring quality, safety, customer satisfaction, and continuous learning, improvement, and innovation. 

Within the Management Systems Policy scope, Istanbul Şehir Hatları is committed to carrying out the management systems it has established and constantly auditing the system to improve and ensure continuity and improve its effectiveness.