Travel Rules

Rules to be observed and followed in the journey
Sehir Hatlari, which aims to provide high quality and standard public transportation services, determine the rules to be followed by the passengers using the vessels. 

*All passengers are subject to a fee, except for children under 6 years old and passengers with free access. Passengers are required to show their travel cards to the officers when required by electronic ticket and Istanbul card during their travels.

*If the third party uses personal cards such as blue card, discount, free and student card, it is authorized by the officials to confiscate the card.

*Persons with card holders who have the right to redeem are obliged to pass/place their discount cards in validators.

*In accordance with Law No. 4207, tobacco, tobacco products and electronic cigarette devices cannot be used in the waiting areas of public transport and scaffolding.

Officers and other passengers should be treated in a responsible, respectful manner, not spoken out loud, and should not listen to loud music in a way that disturbs passengers.

*In the pier areas and sea vehicles, live music play or permission is subject to permission.

*Scaffolding areas and sea vehicles, commercial and educational photography can be performed depending on permission.

*All types of flammable, explosive and radioactive cargoes within the scope of the IMDG CODE agreement, which are related to the carriage of dangerous cargoes at sea, are forbidden to be transported in the sea vehicles within the Sehir Hatlari A.S.

*It is important to report to the Sehir Hatlari A.S. staff or to the officer about the damage to the pier areas and sea vehicles or the need for emergency cleaning.

*For additional cargoes of more than 30 kilos or more than 50 liters, additional fees are applied.

*In urgent cases such as suspicious package, emergency health problem, falling into the sea, fire, sabotage, harassment and assault in the pier areas and sea vehicles, direct notification to the nearest officer and compliance with the announcements made by the officers without panic are mandatory.

*Emergency response equipment such as fire extinguishing tube and fire warning button in the vehicle or scaffolding areas should be used in emergency situations which may be encountered in the scaffolding and sea vehicles.

*There should be no unauthorized access to the pier areas and sea vehicles and it is forbidden to enter the areas with ‘No Entrance’ sign and the passenger entrances must be made from the designated control points.

*It is forbidden for the passengers in the quay areas to enter the pier area except for the instructions of the personnel.

*It is important not to travel with scaffolding and skateboard vehicles in the pier areas and in the sea vehicles.

*When the capacity is full, the vessels move before the time.

*Violation of the safety bands in the sea vessels and piers, and getting and riding before the scaffolding is prohibited.

*It is forbidden to enter and travel the rope at marine vessels.

*Compliance with all kinds of announcements and instructions made by the personnel working in the scaffolding areas and marine vessels shall be obligatory for life safety.

*In the pier area and sea craft, you can travel with guide dogs accompanying the visually impaired and small cage animals that fit into the cage condition.

*It is not accepted for predators, poisonous animals, reptile species, and bird species that can be used as game animals, scaffolding areas and sea vehicles that may harm other passengers when they are released for any reason. Can not travel with dogs that can not fit in the cage.

*Within the framework of the rules, the responsibility for the animals that are allowed to enter the pier areas and the sea vessels belongs to the persons accompanying them.

*You can contact Alo 153 (Beyaz Masa) for lost items in marine or scaffolding areas. For further questions contact the contact page.
travel rules

Applications are made for passenger safety and security.

As an organization that implements international quality and safety standards in maritime passenger transportation, Sehir Hatlari A.S. attaches special importance to safety and security measures related to passengers.

In line with passenger safety and security, the organization aims to ensure the peace and security of passengers and staff, to increase the level and security of passengers and personnel, to focus on preventive measures, to benefit more from technology and to ensure the participation of passengers and personnel in security measures by improving the level of real and perceptual security.

In this context, the security measures implemented by the Sehir Hatlari consist of three main components:

The pier's tourniquet areas have security guards in their official uniform. In other areas that are open to passengers, security officers provide patrol services. In the direction of the prohibition of access to scaffolding and sea vehicles with the materials such as flammable, explosive, explosive materials that are being implemented from the establishment of the City Lines Inc. to the present day, security personnel carry out detecting, searching and checking the bags with the detector. Security personnel are conducting top search, bag and package control with detectors in the direction of the prohibition of entry of scaffolding and sea vehicles with the materials such as flammable, explosive, explosive materials that are being implemented from the establishment of Sehir Hatlari to the present day.

Apart from the security personnel working as civilian in the scaffoldings and the security personnel at the stations, civilian and official police officers of the Istanbul Security Directorate also work in coordination.

In emergency situations, along with the security guards, scaffolding supervisors, ship personnel and cleaning staff at the scaffold are responsible for controlling the area they are in.

Personnel who will carry out operations such as extinguishing and evacuation in a possible emergency are determined by the distribution of tasks. The exercises and trainings carried out within the framework of the duties and responsibilities of the personnel are also repeated in certain periods.

Barriers, turnstiles, lighting systems and warning signs are placed at required points in order to provide passenger safety and security in the pier areas and sea vessels.

All open and closed areas where the entrances and exits of the passengers are made in the scaffolding areas are monitored by high-tech cameras.