Management Systems Policy

More secure with Management Systems Policy

Sehir Hatlari A.S. which provides a safe, comfortable and enjoyable alternative in transportation by providing bulk sea transportation services in Istanbul, reveals the foundations of a long and healthy communication environment with its customers, employees and suppliers through its Management Systems Policy. At the same time, the establishment is setting up a regulatory and effective system in the direction of environment, society and law with its Management Systems Policy.

Principles of Management Systems Policy

Within the framework of its Management Systems Policy, the Agency aims to develop products and services that meet the expectations of its customers, to measure the satisfaction of its customers and to evaluate and resolve the complaints of the customers in accordance with the criteria of transparency, objectivity and confidentiality.

With its Management Systems Policy, Sehir Hatlari A.S. aims to develop the competencies and knowledge of its employees, to raise awareness and protect them against occupational health and safety risks.

In this respect, the establishment plans to offer value to its stakeholders by creating mutually beneficial collaborations and increasing its efficiency.

Environmental protection, contributing to the quality of life, Quality Management System, Safety Management System, compliance with the requirements of legal regulations and continuous learning, improvement and innovation activities to achieve its goals stand out as components of Management Systems Policy.


Istanbul Sehir Hatlari A.S., under the Management Systems Policy, is committed to reviewing the system, ensuring the continuity of the system and continuously improving its efficiency in order to improve the management systems it has established.